Troop 77 Hudson, MA



Boy Scouts of America



Lyrics to Dutch Oven "Iron" Chef.

I am Boy Scout man

Frying up kids in my frying pan

When I tried to fry

The entire troop suddenly died

Don't try my Dump Cakes

Neither my steaks


Is it live or dead

crawls across my plate

Why does it smell this way

is it rotten or is it dead(tomain)


Is he live or dead

has his recipes in his head

Well dust pass hiim there

Why should we even care

he was turned to steel

on the great magnetic field

when he was fame for the future of mankind

Nobody wants him

They just pass him by

Planning his vengeance

Iron Chef will Live again

Skit "54"

Skit "Poison Pudding"

Skit "Poison Pudding"

Skit "Poison Pudding English"

Skit "Poison Pudding Gangster"

Skit "Poison Pudding Hoods"

Skit "Rough Riders"

Skit "Noah fills the Arch"